Summer Essentials: What's in our beach bag?

Summer Essentials: What's in our beach bag?

Our main activity during summer in Hawaii is to take a dip at the beach! The beach is the perfect way for me to relieve my stress and have fun at the same time. Since I have been going to the beach almost everyday, I feel like I've sort of mastered the beach bag essentials. Here are some things I never forget to put in our Cameron Hawaii beach bag when going to the beach! 

1. h2go x Cameron Hawaii - 24 oz Stainless Steel Bottle

It is so important to stay hydrated & to get your water intake for the day! Also the Cameron Hawaii bottle is great for keeping your water ice cold on a hot summer day.

2. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Always protect your skin! We like the Little Hands of Hawaii sunscreen to protect us from the sun rays.

3. Cameron Hawaii Loud Aloha Koozie

We never forget our koozie to keep our summer drinks cold while chatting on the sand with friends!

4. Cameron Hawaii Wet Dry Bag

We often go surfing and paddle boarding with friends and like to bring some stuff to the ocean. We put everything in the wet dry bag to keep it protected from the water!

5. Wyeth Hat

Perfect floppy hat to protect yourself from the sun while looking cute!    

6. Gunn & Swain Mexican Blanket

We always bring our large Gunn & Swain Mexican blanket to comfortably sit on the sand with friends.

7. Snacks

If you want to spend the whole day at the beach, don’t forget to bring your snacks and food to give you energy while swimming!

8. Cameron Hawaii clutch

We always bring our Cameron Hawaii clutch to put all of our essentials and valuables like cellphone, wallet, keys, and etc.

9. Sunglasses

Grab your fave pair of sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun!

10. Cameron Hawaii Lip Balm & Hydrating Spray

Don’t forget your lip balm and hydrating spray to hydrate your skin and lips while your sitting in the sun.

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